Being sick makes for a bland, un-postable weekend. Unless you consider replacing the innards of my toilet post-worthy. Oh, you don’t?

I guess one thing about me that you can cull from that exceedingly boring tidbit of information is another exceedingly boring tidbit of information: that I like to fix things. Most people (I’m generalizing) that live in apartments call upon their landlord to fix any problems that arise. I almost never do that.

Things I’ve fixed or installed that there really was no reason for me to take the trouble to do so but I did anyway, first in a series:

.: replaced the aforementioned toilet tank fill valve assembly
.: installed a screen door
.: replaced the garage door springs
.: replaced a broken medicine cabinet/vanity mirror
.: re-caulked the tub
.: re-caulked the bathroom sink
.: fixed the space heater element
.: fixed the garbage disposal
.: repaired the kitchen fan…

That’s all I can think of right now. In retrospect, that’s a fairly hefty list for just over 2 years… this place is falling apart.

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