So I check my referral logs from time to time (obsessively every three minutes) and I notice the return of a few of you by your main domains. For instance, there are the 1 (or two) of you from I’m pretty sure I know who you are, and you know I know, and I know you know I know, and it’s all good because we’re secret friends.

But there are others that I don’t know, that I’d be curious about… if only to find out how you might have found me. Most notably:

.: are you who I think you are?
.: truly it is the height of my narcissism to first wonder if I know you, as if I should know everyone. Who in Maine would care to read about me?
.: You (or you all), are fairly regular visitors. What’s up with that?
.: Canadian fan? Are you who I think you are? If so, e-mail
.: And now the most interesting of all, being my alma mater and all. Who are you and have you been to Hamburger Habit lately?

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