So I’m at the PTCuser World Event 2005 conference in Orlando, Florida; which, you can probably tell from the name, would be spectacularly boring to 95% of the population. You may be surprised to note that it is at least partially boring to the other 5% as well.

So far, I have attended a few interesting seminars (and some less so). Besides my actual notes that you wouldn’t find interesting, these are some of the things I’ve written in the margins (which you also won’t find interesting):

.: The guy next to me is clapping spontaneously during the keynote about new Pro/E features. This reminds me of that flawless victory guy
.: There are only a lot of guys here
.: Correction, needs more description: there are a lot of balding/bald guys here
.: Someone behind me is complaining about needing to be at two places at once because there is so much to see and do. How is that possible?
.: wait. Is that a hott girl next to me? It can’t be. It is? I feel sorry for her, she must be hit on constantly [ed note: written with no sense of irony at my probable and eventual hitting on her]

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