The last 60+ hours

0730hrs: wake up
0845-1115: work (Hollywood)
1115-1300: drive to Irvine
1300-1845: gather, lunch, drive to Vegas baby, Vegas
1845-2230: check into Wynn Hotel. Oggle, chill, buffet

–0630: poker, drink, poker, drink
0700-0800: sleep fitfully
0800-1030: shower, reflect, chill
1030-1300: Peppermill!
1300-1600: Wynn pool, ladeez
1600-1830: shower, Halo on 50 dual 50″ plasmas
1830-2100: Canazing Race, Rio, buffet
2100-2230: OG
2230-2300: regroup

–0130: you can’t spell classy without CEE-gars
0130-0300: did I mention the plasmas?
0300-0430: sleep, glorious sleep
0430-0600: I did what? Go to airport
0600-0800: hurry up and wait
0800-0900: fly to LAX. psuedo-sleep 30 minutes
0900-1030: see 0600-0800
1030-1530: fly to Orlando
1530-now: check-in, shower, eat, TV, post

All told, and I don’t consider this some sort of achievement, rather a strange occurrence from which I am not exactly sure the means and methods by which I survived: I slept a total of 3 hours in the last 60. True, I don’t sleep much to begin with, but that’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? And what the hell am I doing in Florida?

Also, for future reference Don Diego is a cheap Captain Morgan replacement; but, it is so not a Captain Morgain replacement. Addendum: “Chicken fried steak? Meet Don Diego…” is not a statement that you want to hear again.

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