As I’m sure you’re aware, Rudy T is no longer coach of the Lakers, leaving long-time assitant coach Frank Hamblen in the number one slot.
Frank has got to be freaking out.

>I think when you become Vice President, for instance, you don’t really think or worry about becoming commander in chief. And the President, I’m sure, doesn’t look at you and think “What if…?”
My evidence for these assumptions? Dan Quayle. No way in hell Bush Sr. ever seriously entertained the thought of Dan becoming President.

>And so too, for Frank Hamblen and the Los Angeles Lakers. Reading his bio, he’s a career assistant all of his professional life… which is indeed an important and worthwhile role, but not where you want to put the helm of a multi-million dollar team. I wish him luck, but expect him to replaced almost immediately by a “real” coach.

Interestingly (to me), Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak (and former player if you recall) mentioned that he saw no urgency in finding another coach; which, to me means, “You’ve seen us play, right? There’s no way we were going far in the Playoffs anyway. We might as well take it easy.”
And Shaq laughs and laughs and laughs.

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