Being sick at home when it is sunny and in the low 70’s outside is a cruel fate. You’re probably muttering to yourself that at least I’m not at work, which, although true, is small comfort as I actually like my job. And that has nothing to do with the fact that everyone at work is reading this. Mostly.

I’ve made a game of it, though. How many Kleenex boxes can I go through in 3 hours, and then I try and break that record (with apologies to The Simpsons. Also, as is usual when sitting at home doing absolutely nothing, I have a list of things I think I should do that I didn’t even attempt to start on.

Things I Intended To Do, But Made Absolutely No Moves In Their Direction, First in a Series:

.: take a paint chip to Home Depot to get color-matched
.: re-caulk the bathtub
>.: re-caulk the sink and medicine cabinet
.: water-seal the garage door
.: clean the fish tank
.: work on my “book”
.: storyboard that animation I’m doing with my friend
.: take out the garbage
.: order food from the market
vaccuum the living room rug

Things I Did NOT Intend To Do But Ended Up Doing, 356th in a Series:
.: get McDonalds drive-thru
.: watch 2 movies in a row on HBO
.: Play Half-Life 2 until I got a headache

If those lists weren’t so impressive, they’d be pathetic.

Wait, what?

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