The Divine Miss EThe thing about being a famous L.A. blogger is not the fame and fortune, which is nice, it’s the constant and unrelenting calls from Carmen Electra. Not that I mind, per say, she’s a nice enough girl, but I do think it starts to get on ADG’s nerves from time to time.
At least I think so… what would you say, “Why is that ho calling you again?” means?

I try to explain to her that she’s not a ho anymore, that she and Dennis Rodman are divorced, but it doesn’t really sink in. Then, I show her a picture of Dave Navarro and ADG’s eyes glaze over, so I suppose it’s all good.
At any rate, Carmen called me the other day to ask if this runway picture made her look fat. I was all, “That picture don’t make you look fat, your gut does! Oooooh!” She knew I was joking but you’d be surprised how low her self-esteem is, and I spent the next 5 minutes reminding her that she’s America’s favorite sex symbol. She cried a little; but, when she realized that she was crying into her favorite cashmere sweater, she remembered how fabulously wealthy she was and got over it.

The other reason I may have posted this pic, was so that my co-workers would suddenly get embarassed when they pulled up my page at their desks… thereby saving me from having them read it while I’m talking to them. That’s just wrong.

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