You may remember my comunique with Miss Achan Manute, a Sudanese refugee, daughter of a rich Cattle Farmer, who needed my help in securing her dead father’s $9.5M bovine fortune. She did not, sadly, reply to my offer for assistance.
Luckily, a co-worker (and compatriot in The Great Army-Man Offensive), forwarded me another opportunity that I’m even more excited about. The devil is in the details:

Dear Friend,

I have some funds which I inherited from my late father, I want to invest this funds in a reputabls business.In view of this I have contacted you to know if you will capable enough to receive the funds for investment for my family.The funds is currently in a security company in Europe, as soon as you have agreed to assist us with the investment you shall have to contact them for them to initiate you as the investor to receive the funds for us.The funds which values USD$20.5 will be released to you directlly from the security company.plaese Send your reply to my family email address ( do understand that your full co-operation is needed for the success of the transaction.

Best regards,
Frank Zulu
>For the family

I will capable enough to invest this funds in a reputabls business! Why, with $2.50, I can get controlling interest in a number of lemonade stands and BetaMax wholesalers.

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