Let’s say you work in a building with a locked front door that you need a code to open. Let’s further say that you are a person trying to get into the building, but don’t know the code. Let’s continue to further go on and say that someone who is in the building (and then therefore presumably belongs there), happens to exit just as you are tying to get in. Would it be:

A. very rude to immediately attempt to enter the building without yielding for the exiter, or even indicating any measure of thanks for letting you in to a building that you may think you belong in, but have as yet given no sign that you actually do, or ability to facilitate said entry, or,
>B. in fact, incredibly rude to do the above, or,
C.mind-bendingly excruciatingly rude to do the above above, especially as it has happened a number of times to the exiter, or,
>D. none of the above… just merely adequate provocation for murder

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