The thing that annoys me about Microsoft Outlook is how spell-checker comes up to correct me on words like “fianceé” or… well that’s the only word I can think of right now with a “é” in it.

It happens though; and, it annoys me as I take great pleasure in crafting an e-mail that passes through inspection without any typing errors (typing errors, not spelling errors, you see). I take it as a low-level personal affront when the spell-checker pops up, as if to say, “Ha! You can’t spell, and I will coldly correct you… idiot.” The insult is then doubled when it’s a word I know how to spell, but am unable to spell through technological ignorance. I assume there is an easy and efficient way to type a “é”, I just don’t know it or have the interest to find out.

The sad thing is (and I realize this after close, personal inspection), what I’m really concerned about is that I don’t want Microsoft Outlook to think I’m an idiot. I’m trying to impress Microsoft Outlook. I hope she likes me.

And yes, I ran this post through spell-checker to escape the possible irony of misspelling something. I am just. that. paranoid.

No "@" for Chinese man's son. Kumquat and Pommegranate still available. (via Ernie)

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