I’ve completed my transition into being a new truck as mentioned in the post below, and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be slightly happier if said truck had come with $1,000,000 for no particular reason. That’s, in fact, how I would prefer to get a million dollars, as if it were a matter of course and of no particular significance.

“Thank you for opening a free ATM withdrawal checking account, Mr. Kleeman. Here is your bank-branded novelty pen… and oh, a million dollars that I had laying around.”

To which, I would nod non-chalantly and put it demurely in my inside suit-jacket pocket without counting. Perhaps the reason this hasn’t happened to me, yet, is because I don’t wear a suit-jacket in which to put a million dollars demurely. That seems to be the most likely scenario.

>At any rate, let me assuage any fears you, The Masses, may have and whole-heartedly recommend CarsDirect.com for all your car-shopping needs. In fact, if I was more web-famous, like on a Kottke scale, I would try to work out some kind of endorsement deal with them, I like them so much. I would happily shill CarsDirect.com for a non-chalant million dollars, no problem. But seriously, $8000 less than the dealer quoted after some light negotiation, and everything I actually wanted as opposed to having to make any compromises.

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