Paris rocks the voteYou haven’t heard much from me because I don’t have much to say. The Vice Presidential debates went well for the Good Guys, I’d say, and Rodney Dangerfield passed away. I’m being a new truck. Work continues. Mount St. Helens is psuedo-erupting.

About that, though, my godparents live in Washington state… Yakima, actually. Which, somehow, does not seem to be at all affiliated with Yakima roof-racks. Coincidence? I think not.
At any rate, my godparents live there, some 120 miles away from Mt. Saint Helens. Back in the day (where “the day” is that period of time when Mt. Saint Helens blew half her face off), Yakima was covered with ash. A few weeks after the eruption, I got an envelope in the mail with pictures of a gray landscape of backyards and neighborhoods, and a zip-loc bag full of gray ash. Coolest. thing. ever.

Tiger Woods weds Swedish fiancee. Though his game has suffered, he has found love... and I certainly can't fault him for that.

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