Down goes Frasier! Down goes Frasier!

>I’m not going to say it was a landslide, but it was the first step in the long journey to the presidency for Kerry.

Bush sounded a bit weak with his repititous “mixed-messages” message. It’s honestly specious reasoning to me… because Kerry didn’t support an additional $100B for the war doesn’t mean that he flip-flopped… it means he doesn’t agree with the way Bush was fighting said war and didn’t want to give another $87B to a losing cause. That’s like you and I have this conversation:

Me: Hey, what’s up? So are you against child pornography?
You: Why of course I’m against child pornography!
Me: Oh good, me too. Ummm, give me $20,000.
You: Wait. What? No!
Me: Oh, I see flip-flopper, you just can’t wait to get into child porn, can you?

It makes no sense, and I think most of America is starting to realize it.
Here’s another thing: Bush didn’t answer many of Kerry’s direct questions or accusations, and instead went back to his mixed-messages message. How that was relevant, I don’t know, and Bush’s camp is now saying that poor Bushy was tired by way of excuse.
Two words: Vote John Kerry for President!

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