The thing about The Karate Kid, see, is that it’s the best movie ever made. Casablanca, The Godfather, Gone with the Wind? Please! Kid’s got Mr. Miyagi, bitch! See he’s a maintenance man with a black-belt in compassion and love. Actually, the strangest thing about that whole scenario is how he suddenly seemed to stop working once the “training” began. He’s catching flies with chopsticks, he’s going to the beach, he’s going fishing… he’s doing everything except fixing the leaky faucet in 3B.

The best best part of that movie is that head cheerleader Elisabeth Shue would leave her uber-cool jock boyfriend for a skinny loser with no friends (except a 70 year old janitor), no car, a bad attitude, and an annoying accent. It gave all the rest of us hope.

Surfer catches a whale
SpaceShipOne within one flight of the X-Prize

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