Fry’s strategy for dealing with questions regarding your back-ordered order, your desire to check on said order, and your even more pressing questions about why they would even offer something for sale that would immediately go on back-order once they had your credit card information, is to quietly and efficiently put you on hold for a literal 10 minutes (as oppossed to a perceived 10 minutes as in, “I felt like I was on hold for like 10 minutes!”), riddled capricioulsy with recorded voice-overs about greater than expected call volumes and the importance of my call, then to seque into the reassuring sound of the phone again ringing on the other end for 8 to 10 rings (during which you clear your throat, look over your papers, and adopt an aggressive posture), followed finally by (quietly and efficiently) hanging up on you.

Their strategy works astoundingly well.

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