Happy Day Afer Labor Day, the day on which we bow down to the all important god, Labor. Conceived not by perpetually pregnant housewives, it was instead contrived by the American Railway Union in what seems to be the strongest example of a political protest ending in actual government action. I would expect to see national Make Love Not War Day and Stem Cell Research A-Okay Day by early next summer.

I spent my Labor Day weekend not laboring at all in Sequioa National Park, eating from amongst the wild berries and indigenous wildlife (ie mosquitos). It was fun, it was carefree, and it made me appreciate cosmopolitan civilization. What the teenagers of Pine Flats, population maybe a dozen, do with their lives is beyond me. I assume a lot of it has to do with chewing tobacco in some form, though. Any also letting your hair grow out in the back while keeping the front neatly trimmed. After all, the party’s in the back, while the business is decidedly in the front.

Bush says that OB-GYN's aren't able to practice their love with women/
Floppy drives going the way of the dodo
watch TV, get laid. Who knew it was simple?

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