For all the talk of California breaking off and sinking in to the ocean (tectonic plates being delineated by state lines, you see) it seems like God is trying to drown Florida, instead. I think the idea is to streamline the map a bit, or something. There’s just something a bit jarring with that finger sticking out like that… or so the story goes.

In all seriousness, and if I can lend an appropriate tone to the situation: that’s gotta suck. I mean really, really suck. Your whole life is changed, most likley for the worst, by something completely out of your control and that you are powerless to do anything about. And twice in a month’s time no less.
I’ve lived through earthquakes and tornados, but never a hurricane… never anything that required a mass exodus of humanity or who’s level of destruction is as severe or wide-reaching. Let’s hope they make it.
Also, the Republican National Convention was silly.

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