Seeing as I’m one of CNN’s top 20 sources for political commentary, I thought I’d chime-in a bit with some statistics and whatnot:

I am 100% not likely to vote for Bush. Thank you for your time.

Of actual interest is the Presidential Match Guide which, through a series of questions about actual political issues, shows you which candidate you are most aligned with, politically. This eliminates you making decisions based on Bush’s speech impediment (that impediment being the lack of abilty to speak) or Kerry’s un-patriotic three Purple Hearts. If nothing else, it justifies my gut feelings showing that I am 73% aligned with Kerry and 17% aligned with Bush (that 17% undoubtedly coming from the answers to the questions: “Do you breath air?” and “Will you vote for Bush in the next election?”). Check it out.

Presidential Match Guide
An Electoral Vote Predictor based on up to date polling data
Police officers discourage jay-walking pedestrian by shooting at them

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