This is supposed to make me feel better?

So Count Floppy von-Flopalot is coming back to the fold. I loved him in his pre-flop days, the days of the Magic and Divac hug; but then he went to Charlotte, and quickly to Sacramento, and quickly became jaded… or maybe watched to many Utah Jazz films. “Hmmm, John Stockton throws himself on the ground a lot, and it seems to work for him… Maybe it’ll work for a giant like me, too!”

And let’s be honest, he’s not as dominant as he once was. He is a great passer, and a great play-creator. It’s just too bad the Lakers don’t have anyone to make the shots anymore (besides the obvious). No Fish, no Malone, no Fox (anymore), no anyone.

But still we will cheer.

In other news, ADG witnessed a robbery yesterday at lunch.

If you're curious, my new laptop

Jap Road to get name change

As reported on, incoming Duke freshman to receive free iPods

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