We saw Anchorman without you this weekend. I’m sorry. We wanted to see a funny movie, and that was the best one we could think of at the time. I know we didn’t call you, but it’s not because we were ignoring you or anything, it was just kinda a last minute thing, you know? Besides, I didn’t have your new cell phone number on me at the time, and you wouldn’t have wanted to come all the way out here anyway, right?

It was pretty funny seeing Luke Wilson quote John Wayne, though, when he said, “It’s getting to be re-goddamn-diculous” in response to his remaining arm getting severed off after having lost his first one earlier. It happens.

You know what else? Steve Carrel was hilarious. It’s a given, I think, that Will Ferrell was, but Steve continues to not disappoint. I almost laughed as hard as I did in that newscasting scene he did in Bruce Almighty. Wait a minute… newscasting? anchorman? the Daily Show? I’m sensing a pattern.

At any rate, it was good, we’re sorry you missed it. We’ll try and plan better next time…

Panoramic moonscape from the Appolo 11 lunar landing.
It may be time to drop the cash on an Ipod

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