I am a Pepsi afficionado. As such, I feel it is my duty to report on the new Pepsi Edge (who’s website, by the way, I found somewhat bewildering and completely un-entertaining, thereby illustrating that I am getting old and slipping out of the “cool” demographic).

At any rate, Pepsi Edge is apparently the same as regular Pepsi, just with 50% less sugar (and therefore carbs and calories) than “the average top 3 national regular colas.” Which, I assume are Pepsi, Coke, and… I don’t know, RC? Does Dr. Pepper count as a “cola”? Either way, a quick search reveals that the Edge does indeed have half of the sugars of my normal, beloved, Pepsi; which, in much the same way that clothes on sale mean you’re saving money, I can now drink twice as much Pepsi, relatively guilt-free.
Assuming it tastes right.

Which it does! And there was much rejoicing.

Actually, it does taste slightly less-sweet than regular Pepsi, the sweetness being a common complaint amongst Coke drinkers. This could be completely psychosomatic though, as proven by my 11th grade American History teacher when she performed a blind taste test between what we all thought were Coke and Pepsi. People were adamant on both sides as to which was which, BUT (and this is the fun part) they were both actually RC. Shock and awe.

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