I’ve kept quiet on the Laker situation for some time now. I said

nothing when they were embarrassed in the Finals, when the Shaq trade

rumors started, when Phil left for literally greener pastures, when

Kobe might have been going to the Clippers. It seems now, though, that

things have settled a bit. The Diesel is on his way back home, putting

a cap on the worst trade decision in history. Remember the Showtime

Lakers? Remember 42-year old Kareem Abdul Jabbar? And you think Shaq is

dried up at 31? Poor judgement.

Kobe’s staying with the Lakers,

which is good news; but I’m surprised at the level of loyalty towards

someone who showed no loyalty back. Shaq = loyal. Kobe = conflicted.

And he didn’t step up when it counted.

The situation was so bad

that Phil Jackson quit coaching, leaving his long-term girlfriend

behind. I thought it was bad when Pat Riley moved across the country to

get away from Jerry Buss, but at least he’s still involved in the game.

It’s a sad day, my friends.

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