What the huh?

In response to a comment in the below, I thought I’d summarize the whole page being called Stuff and Stuff, and floorpie.net and etc, etc:

So ‘Stuff and Stuff’, originally (or at least, to the best of my recollection) was an idealized version of something I would say in my best SoCal moments. Something like, “Yeah, I need to go do some stuff… and also things.” Trust me, it’s all in the delivery… and quite possibly not funny even then.

The original title of the page was actually Baby and a Shotgun due to the extremely precious slide I found in the attic one day:

>In fact, I really wanted to stick with B & a S, but BabyandaShotgun.com seemed like way too much trouble to type. So, then, what to call myself?
I’m sure I went through a number of derivations that I no longer remember. Certainly stuff like “Dave’s Den” or “The Terrordome” and whatnot (for extra Dave-trivia points, my original original page was called “Dave’s Place”. Yes, horrible I know… and my original original original page was called… I don’t remember, and sadly can’t find it on The Wayback Machine).

If you truly wish to read the full history (from the floorpie.net point) read this and this.

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