When I lived in the Bay Area, I would often go to this incredible junk yard in San Francisco, Building Resources, as a means of inspiration, or art supplies, or just because. Perhaps my considering this an afternoon date was part of the reason for the below post about ex’s being married. But I digress. I loved that place, and wish that at least that part of NoCal would migrate it’s way down south (if you live in the LA area, and know of somewhere similar, please let me know).

There was really no point in mentioning the above, except that it was a jewel in an otherwise not-so-great part of town (here comes the segue) much like the Modernica warehouse I went to this weekend for a huge sale. If you know me at all, you know I’m in to the whole modern aesthetic, it being one of the primary reasons I’m so in to product design.

I’m sure I had a point in here somewhere, but it’s clouded by the pounding headache plus the Excedrin and Pepsi’s I’ve had to combat it. Ah yes:

I bought an Eames chair for about half off which, for me, is my first “real” modern furniture purchase. Completely stoked about it. I assume it will be totally unappreciated by my friends, especially if they ask me how much i paid for it, but at leaset ADG loves it (having been swept up in my obsession and now quite knowledgable in her own right).

It turns out I didn’t have a point after all.

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