After some 25 days, my time in Taipei (for now) is drawing to a close.

Nearly a full month is a long time to be without your stuff.

Or the stuff that you keep your stuff (and stuff… sorry) in.

Having said that, I am still sad to leave my friends here. Especially considering that I have spent 2 of the last 6 months in Taipei, on and off. That’s siginificant I think, and enough time to develop interesting relationships, despite the language barrier.

And oh what a barrier.

It’s funny how people (and you know who you are) assume that others are less intelligent than you are just because they don’t speak the language. Like English is the be all and end all of languages or something. Here I’m struggling to communicate with people where English is their third language whereas I barely have a grasp of one. Bug ups to all a-y’all.

So of course I now want to learn Chinese… if only to understand what my friends are saying about me. I see them smiling, but are they smiling with me is the question. Oops, there’s my flight…
Much Love,

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