As a product designer, I work on consumer products. As such, I have a lot of interaction with various vendors and manufacturers and routinely use their services in creating whatever it is I’m working on at the moment. Being a source of revenue for these companies, you tend to receive a variety of promotional schwag from time to time, to remind you of their great product and your unending need for them. One such company SMK sent some admittedly very nice 2004 diary/calendar/appointment book things that, as part of the indoctrination, include their Philosophy. SMK, love your stuff, but this really made me laugh:

SMK is committed to the advancement of mankind through development of the information society, by integrating its current technological strength and creating advance technology.

Yes, I believe that is a hint of Engrish you detect.

So many of us are struggling with how to contribute to the the advancement of mankind; when all we really needed to do was produce a quality line of 0.3mm spacing FPC connectors.

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