One of my co-workers just told me that he would ______ if he had his druthers (where “______” is some benign engineering thing of no particular interest to you, instead of “fuck Britney Spears” like you thought it meant [and here come the Google hits]).

“Druthers” is a word I know and recognize, but can not recall ever using… except in the context of, “Did that guy just say druthers?” This rarity of usage is really something I can get behind, having an idiom of my own liberally sprinkled with words only oft used by me… like “oft” for instance. “Druthers” is so rare, in fact, that Blogger’s spell-check didn’t know it. Of course, it also didn’t know “fuck Britney” (Google hit!), and that’s something we all say at least 14 times a day, so so much for that theory.

The point being, if I indeed had one, is that I appreciate interesting language that undoubtedly took effort and concentration to develop. The dictionary is full of words I don’t know, but wish I did; and, when someone passes on a snippet of their Word-a-Day calendar, it’s effects ripple all around to the benefit of us all.

Plus “druthers” is funny sounding.

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