ADG has lately decided that maybe I don’t look too bad with a smattering of facial hair. Not a goatee or beard or anything; but, that 3-5 day growth somewhere between George Michael and JT pictured a few posts down. What’s interesting about this is the tolerance curve that I’m going through, and the mounting self-consciousness as I pass from just-a-little-scruffy to you-realize-you’re-going-to-have-to-use-some-clippers-before-you-shave-that-right?

I’ve never been a big fan of facial hair for myself, though I’ve done my share of experimenting. The difference between now and then being that I am now gainfully employed, and likely to be actually seen by people throughout the day; as opposed to shunning society and its harsh brightness as I did while laid-off. Judgment from strangers and acquaintances seems to add a whole new variable in the equation. For instance, I’m meeting with a vendor in a few minutes and I am, for some reason, mildly terrified that he is going to look at me strangely, lean in close, and then burst out into raucous laughter, clutching his stomach with one hand, and pointing derisively with the other.

I figure the likelihood of this actually happening is around 64%.

It is interesting (to me only), how I’m having to get used to walking around with hair that I’m designed to have anyway… especially as I can’t even see it as I look out onto the world. I can however, see it reflected in the way you all look at me. Look away! Look away!

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