In going through some of my old stuff, I ran across my high school diploma (I are a graduate!). Inside was the program to what I didn’t recall as the 100th Annual R– High School Commencement “A Hundred Years of New Beginnings”. I’m not sure what significance that would have to the casual observer; but, as I now recall, we thought that statistical anomaly was a great portent of fabulous success (and just look at me now!).

At any rate, after some quick and devastatingly effective arithmetic (according to the aforementioned diploma, I meet “the standard of proficiency in Arithmetic Skills, Reading, and Language…” No need for accolades, your awe is quite enough) I calculated that I was one of 916 graduates in the class of ’93. I don’t know where you went to school (well, you I do know, but not you), but that’s a pretty big class. Considering that roughly half of the regular student body graduated that’s a really big class. And, scanning the list of names I realized I knew but maybe a 10th of them. I’m not, in fact, even entirely sure where the other 824.4 people could have been hiding out. They weren’t in, ummm, the uh, football team or, uh, with the other super rad kids, that’s for sure.

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