Christmas Ham

I’m not good at Christmas this year. For whatever reason, I am woefully behind, and have approximately zero ideas for anyone. Ironically, this is my first Christmas after recovering from being laid-off. By rule, I should be showering friends and family with elaborate, well-thought gifts that make up for all the bought-meals and moral support of the last year and a half. The reality, though is that I got nuthin’.

I keep a list of gift ideas for ADG that I add to throughout the year. What with Christmas, Valentine’s Day, her birthday, our anniversary, and Arbor Day, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate where gifts may be appropriate. Looking over my list, though, nothing looks good. Home cotton candy maker? What?!

Luckily (or not, depending on how you look at it) ADG has not only told me what she wants, but already bought it. So, for all intents and purposes, I’m giving her a check for Christmas.


I like to surprise people with gifts. I like to make them feel good where they had no strict plans to feel so that day. I like them to know that not only did I get them something, but the something that I got them was shockingly appropriate and thoughtful. “Merry Christmas, here’s a check for that thing you bought that I didn’t notice for a week”, just isn’t quite the sentiment that I’m going for.

Frantic thinking and internet searching begins… now!

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