Sometimes I don’t understand myself. The things that amuse me, anyway. You may recall the Keyser Soze experiment, wherein I placed a Post-It note on a Coke in the community fridge of an office I did some contract work at. The soda remained, claimed by Mr. Soze, for the entire time I worked there and, as legend has it, remains to this day.

This amused me greatly.

Today I did something else drink-related, that is even more bewildering as it really only affects me. There are several 6-packs worth of sodas in our community fridge that are reserved for a Director’s meeting later this month (as explained by a large note). These sodas are not to be touched.

DO NOT TOUCH, it says… though in truth there may also be a PLEASE tacked to the front of that.

Next to this fridge, is a normal coin-operated Pepsi machine. I started getting the caffeine-withdrawal shakes earlier this afternoon; and, needing relief, went to buy myself a Pepsi. Seeing the sign, seeing the machine, and seeing the sign again, I bought a Pepsi from the machine, opened the fridge, and replaced one of the precious Director-drinks with the one I just bought. This has kept me on a mischief-high for like 3 hours.

You see? Bewilderingly stupid, but entertains me to no end.

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