Voters in a State of Change

In a historic California election marked by a tide of angry voters, a circus-like atmosphere, and more attention to politics than has ever been seen in this classically laid-back state, both controversial ballot measures went down in defeat.

In what may be recorded as the most powerful and unique election period in California state history, Proposition 53 and 54 met sharp criticism and voter disdain as the polls closed Tuesday, garnering only weak support in outlying regions filled with little known California "country-hicks" and "crazy yokels".

Proposition 53, an amendment to the state Constitution to dedicate 3% of state taxes to infrastructure improvements was deemed, "Just crazy-stupid," by first time voter Tamarah Jackson. "Like what? We really need more roads to have traffic jams on?" she went on to say. "Besides, my parents pay enough in taxes as it is."
Proposition 54 would have prohibited the classification of individuals based on race, ethnicity, color, or national origin. Touted by some as the Working-For-The-Man proposition, support for it's defeat was summed up by Native American-Lithuanian immigrant Yalev Redcloud in saying, "Basically, that shit is totally wack. I don't really understand all the details, but if I have some money coming to me because of my NatAm-Lithu heritage, I'll be damned if I'm not gonna get it."

Representatives for both propositions could not be reached for comment.

In other statewide news, Gary Coleman failed in his race for the governorship, though Gray something or other got recalled. I think.

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