That whole Governor thing

So I have less than 24-hours to come to a final decision on that whole Governor thing you’re probably all sick of hearing about. I don’t know the geographical break-down of floorpie readers, but I assume at least some of you aren’t from California. Due to rampant media coverage, though, you have been forced to care about the recall anyway.

At any rate, I am a bleeding heart liberal in a Democratic state; but, for better or worse I am still leaning towards the Governator. And why? Because despite the fact that he’s Republican, an actor, an apparent womanizer, has no appreciable experience, and can’t even say California without it sounding like Cauliflowrnia, he seems to be the lesser of several evils.

First off, let’s just dismiss Davis. True, if someone else hadn’t done it, I never would have been motivated enough to seek the impeachment of the standing Governor. I’ve had a pretty constant disgust for Gray, despite my voting for him twice; but I never personally considered the idea of replacing him before his tenure was up. Having said that, though, I now have the opportunity to oust him, and I for one intend to take it.

Secondly, are there any compelling liberal candidates? Cruz Bustamante? You must be joking. We are in the process of impeaching a Governor for the way he has run the State, and you ask me to consider electing his right-hand man who has been very much a part of the administration we are seeking to expel? The logic of that escapes me. Not to mention that it was very oily of Cruz to back Gray in the beginning, and then work against him in the end. Who wants waffles? In fact, nothing could illustrate this better than his slogan: “No on recall… yes on Bustamante”

OK, no on… but then yes on. Wait, wait. OK, no on the reca… but then yes, see for… wait, wait, wait.
Peter Camejo? Being the bleeding heart, there are a lot of things I like about going Green. Not everything, but a lot. Pete seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and his heart’s in the right place; but I don’t htink he has the backbone or frankly lobbying ability to get what needs to be done, done. No disrespect to him, though; he has seemed neither incompetent or oily, slick or insincere. We’ll leave him in the Maybe pile.

Tom McClintock? As everyone, I will say the same: he has great experience, appears honest to a fault, is the most compelling real candidate; but is just way way too far to the Right.. especially for a state that is just so much better when it feels loose and liberal.

So where does that leave us? Gary Coleman or Arnold Schwarneneggerlovichalazzex. To his credit, Arnold actually seems serious about the job. To his detriment, he has no practical experience… but maybe that’s what we need right about now. As he says, “I am not beeholdem tooh aneebawdy.”

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