He said his name was Richard

I get random promptings about job openings from time to time. It only makes sense as my resume is literally everywhere (seriously, check your desktop… bing!). I received this one today, and I relay it to you here, completely unedited. Oh if that last period were only a comma.

From: Richard Poten
To: Mr. Kleeman
Subject: Pro/E Designer Opening

Dear Mr. Kleeman:

I have located your resume by means of an Internet search. It appears that you meet the first three of the following requirements for a number of positions that we have been invited to fill. I am writing to ask about the fourth requirement, and if you are willing, to ask whether I am correct that you meet the first three requirements.

1) Mechanical designer, 2) experienced in Pro/E CAD software, 3) secret clearance (active or past), 4) willing to accept an assignment at Pantex in Texas for 6-12 months for a competitive wage. (Pantex is a DOE facility about 17 miles northeast of Amarillo, Texas.)

I believe you will find that we specialize in interesting, challenging projects, and we expect the Pantex assignment to meet the same criteria.

Thank you for your attention. DICK

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