Through the sudden and capricious use of e-mail rules, and a hyper-sensitive anti-virus program, I have put an effective stop to the SoBig virus e-mails that have deluged my inbox over the past few days. I think it was the 31 infected e-mails I received this morning that motivated me to do something slightly more drastic than the nothing I was doing previously.

Which makes me wonder: wouldn’t the virus writers eventually become victims of their own success? I suspect that they have normal non-Neo-Mr.-Anderson-by-day (that was highly dorky) e-mail addresses themselves that have certainly found their way into someone else’s list of contacts. Conceivably, the 31337 h4X0r that totally ownZ0R would be just as annoyed as the rest of us, eventually. Perhaps they have some sort of magic-hand-wave while pressing Ctrl-Alt-F11 that renders them invulnerable, but I doubt it. It seems like a bit of a hollow celebration when you’re just as inconvenienced as your victims…

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