In the news today:

Bush Pledges Not to Let Up in Terror War

I had every intention of making some devastatingly sarcastic comment about how he’s pledging to do just as much as he’s been doing… meaning “nothing”, of course, as names like Osama bin Laden have long since fallen off the radar. I paused, however, when I read about the details of the fund-raising dinner he hosted in which his anti-terror statements were made (how’s that for circuitous grammar?).

At any rate, the dinner of 600 people was for $2,000 a plate.

$2,000 for the right to hear in person the same speech I just read for free. Of course, you also get a gourmet dinner of:

me so hun-gy.: corn-on-a-stick
.: chicken fingers
.: cheesecake-on-a-stick
.: lemonade
.: cotton candy
.: fried pickles.

Cheesecake-on-a-stick. The mind boggles.

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