Welcome, by the way, to all visitors directed here by Tony Pierce’s busblog. Tony and I go way back, having both been Gauchos fighting the good fight in I.V. True, he being 108, he was there some 80 years before I was, but our enemy was the same, and his memory long-lasting.

Tony has the Midas touch when it comes to blogging; one link and you’re golden. Hopefully, you’ll find a reason to keep coming back.

Like the image to the left, for instance.

Or perhaps that my March 2003 search strings were as follows:

1) 22 2.97% stuff
2) 19 2.57% visible panties
3) 17 2.30% japan see-thru skirts
4) 16 2.16%japan see thru skirts
5) 16 2.16% see thru skirts
6) 15 2.03% see-thru skirts
7) 15 2.03% visible panties japan
8) 12 1.62% see thru panties
9) 11 1.49% see thru skirts japan
10) 11 1.49% see-thru skirts japan
11) 9 1.22% japan see thru skirt

You have to admit, that’s a lot of panties; and, isn’t that really what Life is all about?

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