The thing about living near the beach is that everyone wants to visit you… everyone. There’s your family, and your friends, and your girlfriend’s friends, and your girlfriend’s family. Salty water is, for some reason, the great equalizer and is obviously the biggest draw since Jesus. In fact, based largely on my observations of this phenomenon, my next rock band will be called Salty Water, or perhaps Agua Salado for the international flair.

The visiting of the people, by the way, is not the problem. I love the visiting of the people as the people are my friends, my family, my girlfrie… you get the picture: people I like. The problem is the doing of things.

The doing of things is not the problem.

>I like the doing of things combined with the visiting of people whom I also like. The problem is the me knowing of what things to do with the people that are visiting. I’ve only been here for a few months, you see, and though raised a SoCal guy, I didn’t live near enough to the ocean to ever get tired of it and have much motivation to do anything else. Except Disneyland. I must have been to Disneyland at least a half a dozen times.

At any rate, “the beach” remains my favorite thing to do, whatever that means… which probably explains the incredulous looks and the, “OK, but what else do you do?”‘s that we get from the aforementioned visitors. All the best restaurants, clubs, and sightseeing places are still a bit new to us, which personally sends me into a Shame Spiral.

Not really. But if you want directions to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, don;t be surprised if I answer something vaguely with words like “Hollywood” and “Sunset Boulevard” as I back out of the room and run to my computer.

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