I get a lot of hits (and I mean “a lot” relatively, not absolutely) from my “old” site at www.floorpie.net/stuff.htm. You see, back in the day I thought I was going to be coming up with new and exciting non-blog content every day, so I had a splash page of sorts at floorpie.net instead of the inane chatter you see now. The idea, you see, was to direct you to all this fresh, invigorating content, blog notwithstanding.

I soon abandoned that approach, obviously, and decided to showcase the real draw to floorpie.net: ummm, floorpie.net… or stuff and stuff, whatever. For some reason, though, a lot of people still go to the old location, just to be redirected here. Why is that? Where do you come from? Are you all new people sent here by someone who hasn’t updated their links? Are you all regulars that are just too lazy to change your bookmarks? Are any of you still getting there from here?

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