A lot about trying to find work is waiting. All of the Career Books™ say to treat your job search just like any other full-time job, but that’s just ridiculous drivel written by people that obviously have full time jobs. The only Career Books™ that I want to read would be written by similarly unemployed flotsam, languishing about writing random chapters during Oprah commercial breaks. Hmmm, that gives me an idea; but I digress…

A lot about trying to find work is waiting; and, if you’re like me, obsessively checking your e-mail. Where, by “obsessively”, I literally mean hitting the send/receive button over and over again:

.: Going to grab a snack? Two clicks.
.: Bathroom break? Better make that four rapid clicks
.: Watching an I Love Lucy rerun? One click per commercial break, and five clicks during that slow scene you’ve seen a dozen times.
.: Writing this post? 15-20 clicks

If someone could refer me to a program that somehow records the number of times per day you check your e-mail, that would be… well that would be pathetic, actually; but that would be great.

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