Driving down Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica, there’s a young blond woman in a light-blue BMW Z3 (license plate 4LX10886), who is apparently too busy or too rich to care about the environment; who surreptitiously draped her arm out of the window and dropped a fucking cigarette pack onto the street. And I’m thinking, “This woman

has all this money, all this… whatever, and she can’t be bothered to eventually find a trash can? Gimme a break!”

I honked at her and glared at the back of her head. She may have noticed the honking, but most likely without knowing that it was directed at her… her main focus being on her cell-phone conversation (of course) and in dropping non-biodegradable detritus out of her expensive windows. Should you see or know this woman, do me a favor and flick her off for me.

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