Travelogue, Part IV

San Felipe wakes sunny and clear. It is warm, but not too warm, which is nice. The wind is very gusty, however, which I could do without; but, wind is a small price to pay for this level of relaxation.

It is best to pick a spot somewhere between the boat rental area and the resort hotel farther down the beach. Both areas are non-ideal for the noise, but one is of deals and motors, and the other is of gringos. The only thing left to contend with then is the hawkers of wares, which are plentiful and unceasing. You can see them pour on to one side of the beach, trudge their way down hitting everyone they pass, turn around, and repeat the process� all day long. No gracias. No rings, necklaces, tattoos, braids for my hair, caps or blankets, thank you.

Amigo? Quiresse sunglasses?
No, no quierro sunglasses, I say looking at him through a pair.

Later, we cruise the marecon and stop for tortas and fish tacos at a local restaurant. “Three Locations!” their sign boasts. �One upstairs and two downstairs!� All the same building, you see, but THREE locations nonetheless. The food is good and cheap. $9US for: fish taco, torta de asada, tostada de ceviche, two quesadillas, two cervezas, and two cokes. $9. More would have seemed an outrage somehow.

Also, we see Santa Claus and the Mrs. sunning themselves on the wall dividing the marecon from the beach. So that’s where he goes in the off-season.

Later, more beach time. Laying in the warm sand, taking in the rays. Caballos (for rent, of course) saunter up and down la playa from time to time. They are in fairly sad shape, though I suppose their work now is better than what they had to endure in the fields.

There are many retirees here. Or, at least, Americans of retirement age. And that they are Americans, they leave no doubt.

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