Ashy LArry

SoCal is burning down…again. Which I suppose is the dark side of perpetual sunny days. Other than family illness, I can think of no worse hardship for a family to go through (I’m sure you just thought of a dozen). Not only must it hit you financially and physically, but also emotionally as you realize how fragile your belongings are. I hope that people are dealing with their losses OK.

I had a fire in my apartment a few years ago, and, though it was bad, it wasn’t that bad. I was able to save my computer, and things like pictures. Everything else suddenly didn’t have all that much importance in the face of what might have happened (loss of life, bodily injury, etc). How attached can one really get to their microwave, really?

But for those in this week’s LA fires, they’re losing everything…with only their memories to sustain them. And as I sit on my front porch writing this, the sun blood red and ash sifting down all around me, I wonder what memories are gathering around me. Good luck LA.

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