She lightly bit her lower lip, a pensive expression on her face, “A lot of people are mad at me right now;” she said quietly, looking up at them doe-eyed.

“Don’t worry, we’re only a little mad at you,” he quipped. No reaction. His date gave him a sidelong glance and said out of the side of her mouth, “why are you here all alone?” those words hung in the air and drew the girl’s gaze back behind the couple where the line to the reception desk jogged slightly to the left and then around the corner, presumably forever. The faces on those behind the couple in front of her did not reflect patience, kindness, or understanding.

“because They can’t afford to pay anyone else to work here with me…no way!” a sarcastic “hmphh” escaped her pursed lips as she continued, leaning in to the couple with a conspiratory tone she whispered, “We’re bank-owned, you know…”

“ohhHHhhhh” the couple said in unison.

“Yeah. I guess the owner had too much other stuff going on and couldn’t keep up. Too bad, too. This place coulda been cool. Oh well, enjoy your stay! Next customer please…”

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