day, the first

Today is the first day of the Great TV Give Up Experiment and look! I’m already posting something on two consecutive days! I’m no scientist, but I think that’s about a 1000% improvement over the last year.

In reality, it’s already been surprisingly hard…this morning it was one of the first things on my mind (remembering NOT to turn on the tv); and now, with a good 5 hours of awake time before sweet sweet unconsciousness takes me, I’m already wondering how to fill the void.

It’s not even an addiction to the shows. If I miss another episode of Glee or Real Housewives of Somewhere Horrible, I won’t mind at all…it’s just the knee-jerk reaction activity when I don’t necessarily feel like doing much of anything. Which, incidentally is the problem. When I don’t feel like doing much of anything I should be sketching or noodling on my guitar(s) or outlining my manifesto. SOMETHING.

Living alone, it’s my solo-time companion…half the time I don’t even WATCH the damn thing; it’s just on and providing stimulus for the other half of my inattentive brain. Numbing it into quiet acceptance. When our robot overlords eventually do take over the planet, I’ll be not so uniquely qualified for the brain sucking machines (where, conceivably, we all sit on couches and have our minds drained for pop culture knowledge).

On the plus side, the sheer boredom has already motivated me to file away the pile of tax papers I had stacked up in the middle of my living room floor and crack open a book I’ve been meaning to look at. Granted, it was only to get the pressed dandelions out of it that Mr. Darcy had given me, but it counts.

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