When I started this blog some 10 years ago, I had a brief period where I was semi-popular, blogging being in its infancy. I got a little ahead of myself, then, and thought I needed to have my own domain name…I kicked around several and even polled the visitors to my site to see what they though of my ideas. I had terribly clever ideas, but the one I always came back to was floorpie.com

It was obscure (Simpsons reference), it was fairly easy to remember, and perhaps most importantly: it was available.

Until I started talking about it. Suddenly, a mere week after mentioning it, it had been snatched up…and when I queried the owner about selling it to me, he named some ridiculously astronomical price and I happily went on my floorpie.net way.

I was buying domain names recently and I went and checked on floorpie.com for old time’s sake. Still unused but purchased with a link to make an offer to buy it; no offers under $500 to be considered.

$500! At least! For a domain that has gone unused or cared about for over $10 years!

Is the ~$200 in registration fees over the last decade worth the hubris I wonder?

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