london calling

I ask for very little in those I wish to spend my time with. Staggering beauty, intimidating intelligence, the ability to laugh at everything I do on even the faintest hint of humorous intent, and a communication style akin to a hilariously bawdy nobel laureate.

Nothing, really, no?

I find that communication, as the saying goes, is the most important thing. For me, it’s not even so much the content of said communication as much as it is the quality of the delivery. I want to want to talk for hours, I want to bark with unexpected laughter, I want to be challenged and to talk over one another. I want to be engaged.

I like the witty banter, you see.

The question, really, though, is whether I like the witty banter from the person I’m talking to, or if I like the opportunity to provide the witty banter myself. I think it’s a tad of both to be honest. If the other party can’t dish it, then they’re probably not getting the cleverness in the first place.

This is, of course, incredibly self-serving as it pre-supposes that I’m witty and clever in the first place. Perception is reality, though, and that’s my perception…of myself. Bah. To hell with the logic, I live primarily inside of my own head anyway.

Does everyone find the perfect balance in their counterpoint eventually, or do some things become less important as YOU do?

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