i love technology. but not more than you, you see

have y’all heard of this “Twitter” thing? It’s cuh-raaazy! I just got used to the idea of “microwaves” cooking my food for me and now this?

I kid.

But as I was twittering, after being sucked into facebook for an hour, followed now in the immediate present with blogging when I should be in the shower, or really already on the way to work, or really already sitting at my desk, or really already taking a break from the work that I’ve been going hard at for two hours by now…I realized that what with all the monitoring of the virtual representation of my life, so as to make sure that everyone is aware of what I am doing at all times, that I sped so much time doing said monitoring that I may be forgetting to actually go about the mere minor detail of living my life.

Because right now I’m still in bed.
And am considering watching Hell’s Kitchen on hulu before getting out of it.
And will then have to twitter my deep and interior thoughts about it.
And will then blog about twittering it.
And will then change my facebook status to be a vague amalgamation of those two data points that will only make sense to me so as to make me seem mysterious and deep thinking.

David is eliminating the couch kitchen


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