pencil me in

It’s weird how there’s no time for anything anymore.

I haven’t had a good ol’ fashioned hangout with some of my old friends in months? In some cases years? I haven’t called back a half a dozen people I would actually love to talk to but haven’t had the chance. I’m behind on a myriad of personal projects that are of critical importance to me (building an entertainment center, painting a picture I have an idea for, designing my photography website, cleaning out my music studio, fixing that bike, etc). And somehow I seem to be at work past 8PM pretty much nightly.

Why is that? Was it like this for my parents when they were my age (I don’t think so). Do I have more interests than when I was, say, 24 (possibly, but I remember being into a ton of other stuff back then). Am I just older, slower, and dumber now?

And it’s also weird how living life so completely also feels like missing it.

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