save a tree, kill the forest

I know that this is specious logic, but my company adds a little environmental statement to the end of all of our emails. It’s a couple of carriage returns, the statement "Please think before you print", and then a couple of more carriage returns. The idea being, that once seeing this, you will be so overcome by empathy for our environment, our little blue dot in the vast emptiness of space, that you will be motivated to refrain from printing out the multi-page email of Priest/Rabbi/Hindu Monk jokes.

But who do we think we’re kidding? There are two types of people: (1) the ones who print out all of their emails and, (2) good people…and neither the twain shall meet. Once an Email Printer, always an Email Printer (is my theory).

SO, theoretically, by adding an additional:

“Please think before you print”

to the end of every email, and then extrapolating that to all of the endless replies in a typical email chain, you could be wasting at least another page or two with every email.And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get a shitload (it’s a unit of measurement, you know) of email every day.

Good thing I’m a good person.

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